Thursday, July 2, 2009

SLR Snapshots to Great Shots Week: Day 4 - Move In or Zoom in Closer

This week's blog is devoted to SLR tips - in honor of the Wiley DVD that I am currently shooting on the new Canon Rebel T1i (available this fall). All the photos were and will be taken with that camera. It's a also to celebrate my new SLR classes on (available now).

Move In or Zoom In Closer

Here's an important photo expression: When you think you are close, move in or zoom in closer.

I could go on to explain, but the two pictures here illustrate the important of following that advice.

Keep that thought in mind, and you'll get pictures with more impact.

Speaking of zooming, if I could only take one lens with me on a shoot, it would be my 24-105mm IS zoom. Nice for landscapes, portraits and environmental portraits.

Gotta zoom outta here for the last day of our T1i shoot..... HD video!

See the light,


Leslie M said...

I agree, the 24-105 IS is a great lens! And thanks for the info in the A-DEP mode..I only recently started venturing into manual mode so I wil try this next!

Robert J. Sherman said...


In many respects I agree with you on the use of the 24-105 f/4L IS lens. IME it's crazy sharp -

The available zoom range is nice - and it doesn't feel as soft as the more expensive 24-70 f/2.8L lens.

Anyway- I'm enjoying your "Exploring the Light" book, sharing the "bad", along with the "good" is a great thing -

Robert said...

When my photography instructor at college sent us out on assignment, it was always with prime lenses, never zooms. Not that he didn't like zooms, he just wanted us to get to know our lenses. He always gave us the following advice before we left: "take two steps closer, and then another one." That's something I keep in mind every time I point my camera, with either zoom or prime.