Monday, July 13, 2009

Shoot for Sharp Shots!

When I make a photograph, one of my main goals is to get the sharpest possible in-camera picture.

Check this out.

While making an HDR shot, I took three exposures of this cool truck with my Canon 5D Mark II and 17-40mm lens. What looked like a dust spot turned out to be a plane - after zooming in 400 percent.

Now that's a sharp camera - and sharp zoom lens!

Come on one of my workshops. We always shoot for sharp shots... and often shoot HDR images.

See the light,
P.S. Uh.... for this shot, Rick "RAW Rules" Sammon shot JPEGs! Still great tones and sharpness.


Magdalena said...

that is awesome!!! i would have automatically assumed it's dust! I am drooling over the 5D Mark II... one day i shall have it ;)

dusanmal said...

I'll get off topic here. I like HDR's and dabble in them myself... However, sometimes I feel less "pop" helps the image convey what it has better. I find this a perfect example: while the HDR version certainly pops-out, frame with the miracleusly appearing plane simply conveys the (down) feeling of rusted out truck lingering about in the desert. In other words, HDR version is just too cheery for the subject.

On the subject: sharpness rules...

-José Antónimo- said...

Once you know what it is, you can even think it's a bit noticeable in the photo, but of course, otherwise it would pass off as a bit of dust.

I just discovered your blog, I'm thinking now about the difference between taking and making pictures...