Thursday, July 16, 2009

Favorite Photo?

While teaching a workshop last week for the Light Photographic Workshops, I snapped off these three shots.

Only one is a keeper for me.

Which one do you like? And, more important, why?

I'd be interested in your opinion.

See the light,


Nic said...

I like the one on the left. I like that she is filling more of the frame, and I like that her foot is just showing under the wrap.

I do NOT like the centre image, I think the composition isn't quite it. The position of her right leg is just wrong.

I like the softness of her face on the right photo, and perhaps if it could be the soft face from the right in the photo from the left, it would be ideal for me.

Just my 2 cents :)


Rick Sammon said...

Nic.... Left one is my only keeper. I agree with you on all accounts..

dusanmal said...

#1 Awkward
#2 Trashy
#3 Mediocre

#3 as "least bad"

Teresa said...

I have no idea which one you picked but for me, definitely the middle one. Being a girl... it's not because she's wearing a short skirt. But because in the others she is all wrapped up which gives her a look of an old woman about to tip over like a bowling pin.

Although I think the sky in the first picture is better, the focal point (the girl) is better posed in the second one. Just MHO. That and $2 will bet you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. ;-)

Vince Sheahan said...

I agree with Nic, the one on the left. IMHO, I think she has a much more interesting angle, almost like she's part of the landscape.

Ray K said...

#1 has an implied story to it. Her posture, expression and cloak all combine with the lighting to leave you wondering what is happening, in her head and out of frame.
the other two not so much

Melinda Kurtti - OTR photography said...

I think her head looks too large in relation to her body in the left pic.. To me it looks like a big head floating over a drape.

I'd pick the middle as my fav if the composition weren't so dead on center.

I prefer the right pic. the composition is good and I like that you can slightly see her body through the fabric.. makes it seem fashion and less fantasy.

Scott said...

I agree with Teresa - I like the lighting best in #1 but, I don't care for the wrap. My keeper would be #2

John Slankas said...

Left, because of the exposure and composition. The other two have her face not quite exposed and it loses some of the contact with the viewer. The center could be a keeper with more light on the face and removing/cropping the dead space at the top and right.

As far as your tweet about amatuers and pros, a lot of us amatuers are probably every bit as good of photographers as the pros (and in some cases as good in business as well), we simply choose to keep it as a hobby. That said, there are many pros whom I know I'll never come close to catching due to creativity and eye.

scalder said...

I like the facial expression of the one on the right but the tone of the middle one.
The one on the left makes me wonder "what the heck is that about?" she looks awkward and uncomfortable. The middle one is the keeper for me.

Jim said...

The first one because the leg's distract me in the other two and the first one the outer garment and the body shape flow right to the face.

Jim Clark

Anonymous said...

Well, obviously, since the name of the game is...


Also, the fill flash is more masterful on the left one.

Lastly, Rick don't give your answer after just one comment, man!


phree said...

It seems that most photographers would choose the one on the left because it is definitely the most dynamic image. The foreground/background relationship is really interesting here. It is - overall - the keeper.

I also agree with Teresa. I don't like her wrapped up that much because it's dark & heavy in the foreground. That's also a cool tension point with the airy background.

The left image also begs for a response from the viewer; the subject asks the viewer to speak. :)

Ed said...

(apologies if this comes through more than once)

I'm at work, so I can't go into much detail, but I'm not crazy about any of the images - sometimes the photo just isn't there. The fill-flash is harsh, particularly on the stump and face, and blasts straight through the shawl in the left and right images. Despite that, she's still dark and blotchy.

For me the left image just seems too contrived. Not that contrivance is necessarily a bad thing, but maybe "woman, clutching shawl, inexplicably perched on stump, in a field, staring dramatically at the lens" is a bridge too far. Also, with her whole body covered between her head and her bare feet, the perspective makes it difficult to judge proportions and I get the uncanny feeling I may be looking at the first ever photo of a living Hobbit.

The almost too-casual pose in the image on the right, and the fill-flash blasting through and revealing the arms and legs under the shawl, make it look more like a holiday snap than anything else.

If I'm picking a favourite I'd have to go with the middle image...once you crop out everything from just above the ankles to the bottom of the frame. The awkward placement of the feet on the stump ruin it for me.

beeveedee said...

While I'm not wild about any of them, esp. don't like the lighting, I think the center on is more of a classic fashion shot/pose. The other two feel awkward to me, not flattering. Perhaps in black and white they could transcend to intriguing.

jem said...

the one to the right, the one to the left looks strange, the one in the middle is uninteresting, the one to the right is the least bad (although I would like to her legs hidden as in the first)

Paul said...

The left one jumps out at me more than the others, however I think the lighting on the other two is better. She kind of looks like a hobbit :)

Chris Belyea said...

Definitely the first (left) one as the lighting is more subtle IMHO .. see the light ;-)

Amber said...


I like the first one from the left because it makes me see her body is growing from the rock and the cloak's colors (that match with the place) helps this feeling. That's out of the ordinary and it's telling a story.
I think that covering all her body drags my eyes on her beautiful face and eyes.
I agree with Nic on that she is filling the frame and I know she is the subject in this photograph.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Rick! And thank you for your lessons, you inspire me a lot and open my eyes!


Rick Sammon said...

Thanks to all for playing along. Rick

Stephen said...

Interesting comments so far. I have to go with the awkward feeling of the left photo. For me, her body looks disproportion in it.

Magdalena said...

2nd one would be my favorite out of the three.

I might change my mind if i knew the purpose for the drape that she used over her.. the reason i chose 2nd is because you see her more and it looks less creepy with the drape. (unless there is a purpose for the drape, which i'm assuming there is)

Jim said...

I prefer the center image. Number one she is leaning her head which makes it look larger. Number three has some strange color stuff going on in the robe. In both one and three the right hand background is distracting.

The center is the keeper. Nice background and more importantly the light allows full detail in the dress to show and her body positioning is much more active.

Mike Braaten said...

I like the middle one. The first one makes her look like an old woman. The third one seems like an awkward pose. My $0.02.

TomBrooklyn said...

Middle one for me by a long shot. Left one looks off balance and awkward. Might need a touch of straightening down on the right. Head looks too large for body.

Middle is more dynamic, yet better balanced, both in the sense of the girl's stance and the overall compostion.