Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Where and What in The World? Wednesday

I'm back for "Where in the World?" Wednesday – but once again, I am asking a second question.

Where in the world (country) was I when I took this picture? And what four Photoshop enhancements did I used to make a more dramatic image? Please be as precise as possible when describing the enhancements. Precision counts when it comes to working on your images.

Winner (US only) gets a copy of my latest book, Field Guide to Digital Photography. You need to post your answer here.

No pros, please.


Marsha said...

Location: Kenya

1.adjust brightness/contrast
1.levels (darken background)
2.background only gausian blur
w/Smart blur for depth perception.
3.darken edges with burn tool

Anonymous said...

you have one of the best photo blogs on the net.

Don Campbell said...

Hi Rick,

Another fine example of our world in action (enhanced through the talents and technology of you and Photoshop). Here's my guess:

1) Crop - The image was obviously cropped around our furry friend to simplify the image.
2) Contrast - The contrast was boosted (likely through Levels and/or Curves) to increase the rather narrow dynamic range.
3) Burn - The shadow at the bottom of the cat is relatively darker than the rest of the image, which indicates to me that it has likely been darkened in Photoshop (probably through the Burn tool, although there would be other ways of accomplishing a similar effect with layer adjustments, etc.).
4) Clone - Some distracting 'bright' greenery is visible in the bottom left corner of the original. It has been cloned out.
5) Blur - The background seems to have been given an artificial blur to decrease the DOF and provide more focus on the subject.
6) Scale - The image has been scaled up in size (or the samples you provided were unequal scales from the original).
7) Sharpen - The hairs are very sharp. Either they were artificially sharpened, or it is an artifact of the unequal scaling as described above.
8) WAIT...you only asked for 4! Oh well. :-)

As for the location, it may as well have been in Canada, since that's where I'm from, so I can't win the contest anyway! Still, it never hurts to try (it's the only way we learn).

Thanks for all your content!


Wanderer said...

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Texas, USA

I am not sure on the enhancements. However, in the interests of learning something I will go with:

Contrast (Curves),
Burn shadow,
Clone/heal bright spots,
Blur background,
Unsharp mask.

Gayle said...

I believe that this photo was shot in Belize.
The four Photoshop enhancements you used to make a more dramitic photograph were:
1. Cropping in close around the Jaguar.
2. Increasing contrast and setting a black and white point in levels.
3. Sharpening the image using the unsharp mask.
4. Darkening the background to make the jaguar stand out more. This could have been done either with the burn tool or by creating a second layer, darkening that layer and then creating a layer mask and allowing the darker areas to show through where desired by painting it in.

Wanderer said...

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Texas, USA

Contrast (curves),
Burn shadow,
Clone / heal the bright spots,
Blur the background,
Unsharp mask.

Rick Sammon said...
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Marcia said...

Location: Kenya
1. Levels
2. Curves
3. Vibrance
4. Unsharp Mask

Anonymous said...

Location: United States
1. crop
2. saturate
3. background blur
4. sharpen

Rick Sammon said...

Hi Anonymous -

Thanks for the nice comments and guess. But only folks with real names can play along :-)


bruce said...

[1] Cropping
[2] Contrast added
[3] Levels adjustment
[4] Sharpening added

teanuh said...

I think you were in South Africa


1.Crop tool
2.Curves adjustment
3.Clone stamp
4.Burn tool

Tobias said...

Botswana - Okavango Delta

*Increased contrast- via Levels or Curves
*Burn Tool
*Clone stamp to clean up the bottom. I also see a strip copy and pasted in at the very bottom of the image.

Pretty Cat!

meckimac said...

- Okavango Delta in Botswana
Enhancements using PS
- Curves adjustments to boost the contrast
- Clone stamp tool to cleanup the grass in the lower left corner
- Crop tool
- Lens distortion tool to add a vignette after cropping
- Unsharp Mark to add sharpening

Plus, I guess you forgot to remove the original background layer as it still shows up on the very bottom of the image

Rick Sammon said...

meckimac - I was just testing to see if anyone noticed the background layers.

Rick Sammon said...

And the winner of this week's World and What in the World? contest is... Don Campbell. Sure, he did not get the location correct, but he was right on when it came to describing all the detailed enhancements (as stated in my post). That took a good eye and a bit of time to write the post.

Thanks to all for playing along.

Don, send me your address and I'll send the book. ricksammon@me.com.

Rick Sammon said...

Oops! Patrick writes me and tell me that I forgot to mention where the photo was taken. Sorry to all. Botswana is the answer. Next week: I will wait until the second cup of coffee to post complete answer.

Thanks Patrick!