Monday, June 29, 2009

Quickie Contest!

I took these pictures today during the taping of my Canon Rebel T1i DVD. I like them so much I had to share them with you... and run a quickie contest.

The first person who get all three answers correct gets a copy of my book, Face to Face, which features my favorite people pictures and tips. (US shipping only.)

1) What exposure mode did I use (Av, Tv, M, P, Green, Portrait, etc.)?
2) What very important tip do you think I'd give to newbie photographers?
3) What people photography tip do you think I'd give?

Good luck.

Make pictures,


David said...

1. Im going with AV Mode
2. Being that its a head shot, I remember you saying, "If you dont have the closest eye in focus, you already lost the shot"
3.People photo tip I think you'd give: There are two parts to a portrait, YOU and your Subject, You are like a mirror, You've got to give off the expression you want to see. You want them to be happy, You've got to be happy and bubbly, if you want them to give a serious look, be serious with your directions. Something along that line =)

how'd I do?!

Ken said...

Hi Rick - I'll say:

1. Av (to ensure shallow depth of field)
2. Use a large aperture for shallow depth of field
3. Get in close!

Frank said...

Yes the pictures are great.
1. I'll say Av (Aperture priority) due to the shallow depth of field.

2."Always expose for the Highlights"

3.Other than having them show off their great smiles, you would probably suggest that you use as much of the subject to fill the frame.


Roy said...

1. What exposure mode did I
use? ( AV )

2. What very important tip do you think I'd give to newbie photographers? ( Have Fun )

3. What people photography tip do you think I'd give? ( Use a flash )

Brandt said...

1) Av
2) Take the darn flash off the camera
3) The Camera looks both ways

Michael Munn said...

1) What exposure mode did I use (Av, Tv, M, P, Green, Portrait, etc.)?

You used Av.

2) What very important tip do you think I'd give to newbie photographers?

Get the flash off the camera!

3) What people photography tip do you think I'd give?

Interact with your subject...the subject is a mirrors your emotions.

Adam said...

For answer 1 I would say Av.
For answer 2 I would say focus on the eyes.
For answer 3 I would say get in close and fill the frame with the person.

JR said...

(1) Portrait
(2) Have Fun :)
(3) Use a Flash


Thomas said...

1. Portrait Mode
2. Take the flash off the camera
3. Get in close to your subject.

Puma said...

1) AV Aperture priority
2) Get in close
3) Pick the background and light and put your subject there. "Don't tkae pictures, make pictures."

Kris Stone said...

1) AV mode

2) don't take pictures, make pictures

3) never shoot head on.

Found out about your contest on Twitter via PhotogNews

ivoryhut said...

My guesses:

1. Green (fully auto) mode
2. See the light! (Or, know your camera!)
3. Remember that the camera looks both ways

MattDoc said...

1) I'll go with Av to make sure that background was blown out.
2) See the light!
3) Tell a story with the photographs.

Bhume said...

1.) Auto (Green)
2.) Don't take picture, Make picture
3.) Camera look both ways

simplydar said...

I'll take a stab at answering, even though I really have no idea.

1. Av
2. shoot, shoot, and shoot some more & know your camera
3. focus on the closest eye and have fun

jnioche said...

1} AV
2} Use fill in flash
3} Take your subject while they are not posing. Keep background out of focus.

twalker294 said...

1. Av
2. Get the white balance right in camera
3. Focus on the eyes!


scrapgeek said...

1. AV (or possibly Portrait if demoing the auto features)

2. Focus on the eyes - make sure they are sharp

3. The camera looks both ways

Toby Gant said...

1. Av
2. Practice. Take lots of photos.
3. Give your subject a sense of place.

Toby Gant
Orange Park, FL

Michael Miville said...

1. Portrait mode
2. Shoot in the shade
3. Make sure the background isn't distracting.

James said...

AV, Fill The Frame, The Camera looks both ways

Chris Peters said...

I going say:
1. You used the Av because the background is blurred with depth of field.
2.I would tell a new photographer to get out of auto mode, experiment a little.
3. You got to focus on the eyes. They are the window of the soul.

Rick Sammon said...
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Rick Sammon said...

Hi All

First, you all had some good portrait tips! That is why I ran this contest... so others could share their shooting techniques.

Some of you came close - but unlike past contests, where the closest answer won a book, this one had to be right on. Here are the answers. #2 was the main reason for this post.

#1 Green Mode (used because I had to shoot very fast)- and to illustrate that you can actually get a great picture in the Green mode.

#2 Never underestimate the importance of a good subject. (Fashion photographers will tell you that all the time – which is why some models get $10,000 + a day.)

#3 See "Eye to Eye." Get down on the subject's level. That provides a sense of connection with the subject.

Thanks to all for playing along!

My next contest will be a "closest" contest.

james said...

Hi Rick -

1. aperture priority mode
2. fill the frame
3.the camera looks both ways