Friday, June 12, 2009

My Window Seat

Hey... TGIF!

Just back from giving a seminar in NC and thought I'd share a few shots I took with my G10 from my window seat. I'm really getting into this compact camera thing. :-)

That said, no way am I hanging up my 5D Mark II. In fact, HD videos are in the works.

Got a G10 - or any other compact camera? Here are my top two shooting tips:
- Always shoot at the lowest possible ISO. These little babies can get a bit noisy above ISO 400 - especially in low light.
- Don't underexpose your images. That will cause an increase in digital noise - especially in the shadows.

And here's my top image-processing tip:
- Experiment with Levels first. Look to see how an adjustment can improve contrast, brightness and color. Pictures from camera cameras can often use a boost in those areas.

And here's another tip: ALWAYS HAVE A CAMERA HANDY! If not, you might miss some fun shots like these.

Make pictures,
P.S. If you like window seat pictures, check out Window Seat by Julieanne Kost - my Photoshop hero (so much so that I dedicated one of my books to her).

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Richard K. Covington said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I always try to get a window seat - also one tip is to plan for which side the sun will be shining in, as this will affect the image quality, such as sun flare on the lens (recall that these small pocket cameras don't have a sun shade); the glare off of the seat; tray; and clothing will also alter the image quality...
Check out some additional images taken from a window seat at: