Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Good Reason to Always Carry a Camera

Sounds like simple advice - but it's a good idea to always carry a camera . . . and to make sure:
1) your battery is charged;
2) a memory card is inserted (something that I actually forgot once or twice).

These grab shots (taken with my every-ready Canon G10) from this morning illustrate this point.

Another idea: Try to tell a story with your pictures. Here I am telling the story of how well the momma hid the baby in the foliage. Story telling with pictures is fun.

By the way, the ISO for these shots was set at 800. Sure, I have a bit of noise in the pictures, but a bit 'o noise is better than a shaky picture.


Kevin Mullins Photography said...

Neat shots. I carry my G10 pretty much everywhere with me too - its such a great performer.

Lindsay Thompson said...


Very nice series. My camera goes along nearly everywhere I go nowadays. I've missed way too many ops in the past. Love following the blog also. Great shots and tips. Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to your seminar in Greenville, NC, tomorrow as well. See ya then. Take care.

-Lindsay Thompson

Anonymous said...
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Rick Sammon said...

Here are some more comments on this series of photos from my facebook page: