Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fishing for Answers to Saturday's Photo Question

Attention Photoshop Users :-)

First, thank you ALL for playing along.

Sooo.... it was a trick question.

Absolutely no Photoshop techniques were used to create the image. It's a one-shot image.

Photographer/artist Ryszard Horowitz created the image in-camera - before many of us ever heard of Photoshop! Do a search on Ryszard to see his amazing - and more current – work!

Above is a shot of Ryszard taking the actual photograph.

For now, here are just a few of his favorite images.

Read his bio, too.

You can contact him through his web site.

Our winner (you will love Ryszard's book) is: kberwin. Please send me your address.

The point of this post: Experiment with in-camera techniques, too. It's amazing what we can do without the aid of Photoshop.

P.S. Don't feel bad if you posted suggested Photoshop techniques. I got it wrong the first time, too.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is too cool! I'd never have guessed.

Thanks for posting this, it's inspiring. :-)

Rick Sammon said...

Hey, I never would have guessed either. Check out his work on the web.