Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eyes on Africa Day 3: Where in The World? Wednesday

My blog posts this week are devoted to tips on taking pictures on an African Safari (some of which you can also use in wildlife parks). Each day's blog topic will remain the same as in previous weeks:

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• Where in the World? Wednesday
• Photo Thought for Thursday
• Friday Fun Photo
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So once again it's Where in the World? Wednesday. Where in the world did I take these two pictures of cheetahs? The sunset? Botswana. Could be a hint, or not.

First correct answer posted here gets an autographed copy of my book, Field Guide to Digital Photography. Join the fun. US shipping only. Sorry.

If an African safari is on your "bucket list," I am leading two awesome African photo safaris in 2010:
Kenya and Rwanda.

Closer to home, yet still with a taste of Africa, I am leading a workshop to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (Glen Rose, Texas) in December. Not posted on my site yet. (Fossil Rim could be a hint, or not, too.)

If you have any questions about these and my other workshops, please contact me at

Make pictures,


bruce said...


Leslie Marsh said...

Was it Fossil Rim Wildlife Center? Love how you caught him/her yawning btw.


Rick Sammon said...

Leslie - to answer your question: Fossil Rim is great wildlife park. I am leading a photo workshop there in Dec. Info to come on my site soon.

For now:

Take care,

AJR said...

Maybe you were in Australia and the Cheetahs are those in the Australian Zoo in Beerwah.

Patrick said...

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park?

Frank said...

How about Glen Rose, Texas.

Leslie Marsh said...

:o) I was submitting that you took the pictures at Fossil Rim :o)

Rick Sammon said...

And the winner is... Leslie Marsh.

She was the first and closest. One picture was taken at Fossil Rim; the other was taken in Botswana!

Leslie, send me your address:

Leslie Marsh said...

Wow, very exciting! Can't wait to read the book! Thank you!