Friday, June 5, 2009

6.6.09 Saturday Photoshop Mini-Session

Yes... it's time, once again, for my Saturday Photoshop mini-session.

One of my pro photographer friends made this image. The first person who correctly guesses the technique and the number of exposures will get an autographed copy of his wonderful book ($75 value). It's very heavy. So US shipping only. Sorry.

Good luck to all.

You need to post your answer here.. not on twitter.

This photographer has an amazing and inspiring story, too. He will be revealed on Sunday in my post of the winner. So come back... and see a behind-the-scenes image, too!

When I say inspiring, I truly mean inspiring.

No pros, please.



kberwin said...

I'm going to go with one exposure and forced perspective.

crystal pierson said...

ok- my guess is 4 exposures (sand, fish, person and sky) and layer masks were used.

Cathy said...

I think he used four maybe even five layers, I'm not sure about the face. It looks like her used the layer mask tool and burned the edges. He also used a drop shadow on the fish. Also I can't tell if he added texture and noise to the sky or if his sensor is in need of cleaning or both.
That's my best guess.

Jeff Sullivan said...

I'm gonna guess 3. Fish and sand as one, sky as another, and person as the third??

Mike said...

two. Person+sky and fish+sand. Possibly forced perspective and therefore person+fish+sand and separate sky.

Sue said...

4 exposures, selection tools, layer masks and drop shadow.

Carolyn Fox said...

I'd say four exposures, person, fish, sand and sky. After he combined the layers, he probably used the transform tool to adjust the sizes of the fish and/or person, added a shadow under the fish and used masks to adjust the various layers. That's my best guess.

Mike said...

I have another idea. There's a bit of what looks like sand kicked up around the back of the fish's tail. It could be one exposure for fish, sand, and sky (tank backdrop). Then a separate one for the person. There could also have been chroma-key work (blue or more likely green background) that the sky (and maybe the person) replaced. If the sky and person were in the same image, there had to be at least a couple of exposures there to get the sky detail and not lose the highlights in that white outfit. Or some work with lighting or maybe, maybe you could burn in the sky. Too many possibilities.

digixter said...
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digixter said...

It consists of four different exposures. A fish, person, sand and clouds.
The editor then used some kind of match color technique and corrected the light source to match.