Thursday, June 4, 2009

6.4.09 Photo Thought for Thursday: Try It For The First Time

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Post and Photograph by
Judy Host

That was the question asked years ago in a Hasselblad ad – and that idea has stayed with me ever since then. So with that idea in mind, I often try something different, something new, something I haven't done before.

I happened upon a Lensbaby many years ago when they were first introduced, and I use it quite often. This cute, funky little lens tilts in all directions, and is a terrific accessory for portraits when I'm photographing in soft beautiful light and need an almost mystical effect.

The Lensbaby is actually a selective focus SLR lens and has a sweet spot in the middle of the lens that you control with different size aperture discs – allowing you to choose the size of the sweet spot. The new Lenbaby Composer allows you to use a focusing ring once you have tilted the lens and decided where you want to position the sweet spot. Cool!

The image you see here was created with the new Composer on a Canon 5D Mark II and using a f/5.6 aperture disc with the ISO set at 400. The natural light is coming from floor-to-ceiling windows with light streaming into the scene from behind her as well as in front of her.

So my advice for this Thursday: Try Something New – something different for the very first time . . . no matter what lens you are using.

From Rick:
To see more of Judy's work visit her website. Judy also has a way-cool DVD titled "The Art of Available Light" you should check out on her website.

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