Monday, May 18, 2009

Your Most Important Photos

This post is a quickie: Take those everyday photos that someday will be important to you and to your loved ones - more important than your best-selling or top-rated image.

Don't miss an opportunity that may be gone forever. Always have a camera with you.

Also: save old photos in a safe place, or scan them for archival storage.

Bottom Photos:
Here's a 63 year-old-photo of my parents and a recent photo that I took of my 91-year-old dad - one of my favorite family photos.

That wedding photo is still one of his favorites. The portrait of him brings back a special moment that we shared together on a chilly winter afternoon.

Top Photo:
A portrait of the man who got me interested in photography. I actually used that Linhof 4x5 and developed the negs in our family's basement.

P.S. So, take tons of photos of your kids, but don't forget your parents :-)

1 comment:

Rick Sammon said...

My friend, Dr. Dick Zakia, sent this to me and asked me to post it:


The photo of your 91 year old dad next to the shot of his wedding photo of earlier years is precious and very touching. His expression beams with love as he looks at the photo.

I think I will do a photo of myself looking at the wedding photo of my young wife and me back in 1958. I hope I can do as well. If not maybe I can ask you for help.

Dick Zakia