Monday, May 18, 2009

Rick’s Pick for Plug-in of the Month: Bokeh

Bokeh, from Alien Skin Software, gets my pick for plug-in of the month (5/09). This plug-in simulates the effect of shooting relatively close to a subject with a fast portrait lens set at a wide aperture – which is also the effect you’d get when photographing a subject with a super-telephoto lens set at a wide aperture.

How cool. What fun. How easy.

To create the effect, all you have to do is make a careful selection (a very careful selection, that is) of your subject in Photoshop and then go to Filter > Alien Skin > Bokeh.

Next, choose the fast lens you wish you had used (or wish you could afford) and press OK. You’ll get a professional looking portrait that looks as though you used an expensive professional lens – which is a great way to impress your friends (and clients).

For more info and for more info on Bokeh and plug-ins, see the Plug-in Experience – a web site I started for creative plug-in users.

Hey! Do you have a suggestion for the Plug-in of the Week? Let me know. Also, send me an example of your plug-in work. You’ll find info on how to do that on the Plug-in Experience, too.


Ian Lacy said...


I assume it's possible to use this filter on a separate layer and then mask out the subject. Is this true, or do you really need to carefully select the subject like the post mentioned?

Rick Sammon said...

If you don't make a careful selection, part of your subject may be blurred - or part of your background may not be blurred.

I just work on a single layer. But, a new layer is created after you press OK. Thanks for your comment.