Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pros: Share Your Business Philosophies

Calling all pros. Share your business philosophies here - help aspiring photographers.

Here are my top five:

1) It takes a lot of peanuts to feed an elephant.

2) The harder you work, the luckier you become.

3) When it comes to pricing a job: Lots of fun, I don't charge a lot; little fun, I charge a lot.

4) Devote time to social marketing: twitter, facebook, etc.

5) Never give up.

P.S. Here are two valuable business lessons.


Grace said...

I'd add:

First you friend raise, then you fund raise.

Remember everyone puts their pants on one leg at a time, even you. Respecting the client has huge pay offs.

Mary Lou said...

Rick, I love your blog and am learning so much. I am f i n a l l y getting a website up. Your business tips are excellent! Thanks for all you give all of us!

Rick Sammon said...

Hey... Thanks! I wish mo' pros would share their business philosophies :-)

I feel as though we are all in this together.

Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images said...

From a pro:

If you want to be a Professional, then you must always act & be "Professional" - it's more than making dollars, it's a state of mind, being, and responsibility.

Not sure if it's kosher, but a couple months ago I made a post about Being a Pro on my own blog.

The second I learned from Galen R., and follows close in line with the first point; pay attention to the details. They will matter, and you will be judged on how good or bad a job you do.

- Great Blog, Rick. Glad I found it. (via twitter)