Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Top 10 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing

The times they are a changin' – Bob Dylan, 1964

Yes, the times are changin'. Social media marketing is “where it’s at” if you want to grow your business. Here are my top 10 tips to help you along the way.

1 Take the Time to Tweet – Spend an hour a day on – your small investment in time will result in a wider audience for you and your services and your products.

2 Be a Good Blogger – Don’t blog about you and your coffee or dog. Blog about stuff that will help people – or that, at least, will be of interest to most folks. (See Jim Harmer's comment below. He says the same thing this way: Content is King.)

3 Get Face-time on Facebook/Have Fun on Flicker – Use Facebook and Flicker to show off your work – for free! Expand your audience – again, for free.

4 Have Fun on Forums – Participate in forums that can help others in your field and that can help you get your message across.

5 Be on – A must. Use this site to track the number of hits on a link. Cool!

6 You Do It On YouTube – Post videos that relate to your business. Keep them fun, entertaining and informative. And short.

7 Invest in Being Interactive – Do all of the above as often as practical to maintain your visibility.

8 You Snooze You Lose – Don’t do all of the above as often as possible, and you’ll lose out on an increased audience – and maybe even lose part of your existing audience.

9 Keep Up with Technology – Stuff like twitter and are relatively new. Keep up with technology so you can keep up with your competition.

10 Know Your Audience – As with all marketing efforts, it’s important to know your audience. Don’t waste your time, or anyone’s time, on relatively useless information.

Hey, leave a comment about your involvement is social media marketing - even if you are just getting your feet wet. I'd love to hear what you are doin' - in these changin' times.


Kevin said...

I would have to suggest over It is 1 character shorter... and also tracks. It also has some cool features, like "capturing" previous trims, or current ones, even if you didn't do it through the website. If you post it from twitter, it will capture it back to your account.

Basically, you must give of yourself, to get people back. Make yourself useful to those that follow you. Be it with advice, humor, or anything that gives you worth in other people's minds.

One other thing, search twitter for people making good remarks about you (or your brand) and thank people for their support. If someone says something really good about you, retweet it. Gives the person some exposure, and shows that people really like you. :-)

Rick Sammon said...


Cool info. I will c heck out

We are all in this together, right?


Jim Harmer said...

I recently graduated with a degree in advertising and have done a lot with social media marketing.

I've seen a thousand companies advertising the "new" way--blogs, forums, tweets, etc. Unfortunately, almost all of that effort is in vain because they miss one crucial detail.
That is, content is king.

For example, I follow you on Twitter. You follow me back. If all I do is tweet "Hey, check out my photography studio website at", no one will care.

Successful social media marketing has strong content. You give the information that a client wants. THIS is how to promote a product/service.

The reason we go to social media is to consume information. If all you're giving is an ad, no one will listen. We want facts, figures, interesting bits of knowledge, etc.

Just my two cents.

Rick Sammon said...

Hi Jim

I agree.. which I was I posted my top tine tips here. :-)

Thank you for sharing.


idilium said...

this is amazing information for people like me, who are in the start of this new way of life.

thanks for all your time and advice
is very apreaciated

Sherri Meyer said...

Great list Rick! I have too many tips to add. I am conjuring up an idea for a similar post. Maybe something like "My Top 10 Tips for Getting Ranked a 9 On Twitter." I'll be sure to reference this post in my post.

Gary Crabbe / Enlightened Images said...

7 & 8 hit home. I spent so much time over last couple years focusing on book projects, stock submissions, and God-help-me, suck my brains out, Keywording, that I felt like I'd lost that sense of being part of the photographic community. I decided to make that re-investment of time a New Years Resolution. A recent accident & recovery period has allowed me a chance to discover some great new places & resources. (Like here.)


- Gary.

Carolyn Fox said...

Thanks for the suggestions, Rick. I just got back from a two week vacation where I had very limited Internet access. When I checked my website stats I noticed that my hits had gone down quite a bit while I was gone. I think social networking definitely keeps you in the loop. I hadn't heard of, but will check it out. Thanks.

Carolyn Fox said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I just returned from a two week vacation where I didn't have much Internet access. When I returned home, I checked my website stats & noticed that my hits were down significantly. I think social networking definitely keeps you in the loop. Now I'm trying to catch up on email & get back in the swing. Thanks.

Don Campbell said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm a techie by trade, but this 'social media' thing is a different beast. I'm still trying to figure it all out. I decided to set myself a social media related goal, and blog about my journey. Not for profit or personal gain, but for the science and knowledge of it (so maybe there is some personal gain afterall :-) I'd be thrilled if you'd check it out and join me. It's not specifically photography/Photoshop related, but since it's one of my hobbies, I'm sure it will make its way into the conversation.

Read all about it at:

See you in cyberspace!


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