Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Favorite Photo Philosophies

Here's a mini-presentation on my favorite photo philosophies. I talk about stuff like this in my books, at my seminars and on my workshops.

You see, there's lots mo' to photography than white balance, ISO settings, color modes, etc. :-)

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Gary said...

Really nice video! I re-tweeted the link. Useful info when everyone seems to be so impatient about everything. (I am a sponge that loves it all!) THX, Gary

Magdalena said...

This is awesome! it's like sitting in on one of your seminars :) thanks!

Rick Sammon said...

Thanks Magdelena. If you like that mini-presentation, check out my classes on Kelby Training.


Better yet, attend another live seminar. Good fun for all!

Mainline Mom said...

Rick, really great video! Mostly stuff I knew but some I hadn't thought of in awhile...always good to get refreshed and see great examples.

gurnam said...

Bravo! Another excellent presentation. I may end up signing up for your classes.

Rick Sammon said...

gurnam... good :-)

thanks for the kind words.