Monday, May 25, 2009

5.27 What and Where In The World? Wednesday

Okay, so this Wednesday's post is not only about "Where in the World?" (as usual) but rather, "What and Where in the World?" Hey! It's my blog. I can do what I want :-)

Here is the question: What in the world am I doing- and where am I doing it?

The answer to the "what" part of the question is actually a very good photo tip.

The person who gets the 1st correct answer (or comes closest on both accounts) gets a copy of PhotoTools from onOnesoftware. PhotoTools is a cool Plug-in for enhancing your images - and your image among your friends.

US shipping only. Insurance, tracking, custom forms and postage makes shipping internationally too complicated.

Hey, if you don't win, you can still get 15% off all onOnesoftware products if you use this code upon checkout: ricksammon.

Good luck,
P.S. No pros, please.

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Tobias said...

WHAT: you are showing the angle of sun to lens to estimate the effectiveness of a circular polarizer

WHERE: Bryce Canon National Park

magicalprints said...

WHAT: you are showing the angle of sun to lens to estimate the effectiveness of a circular polarizer

WHERE: Grand Canon National Park

David said...

WHAT: Indicating the start of a series of pictures.

WHERE: Zion National Park

Nicholas said...

What: You are estimating the angle compared to the sun where your polarizer filter will be most effective.

Where: Zion National Park, UTah

UNKLD said...

what: Showing the end of a panoramic series.
Where: Badlands

AJR said...

I think it is the view from Watchman Trail in Zion National Park, Utah. You are metering off your hand.

Sue said...

white cliffs of dover? Checking your composition using your hands becasuse the sun is too bright!

john said...

To me it looks like you are somewhere near Goblin Valley in Utah.
Unless you have a left handed camera, whatever it is you are doing with your hand you must be doing on a timer, or you are holding the camera very awkwardly. Either that, or it's someone else's hand.

steelephoto said...

What: The angle thing to check the sun and see if a circular polarizer will work.

Where: Kodachrome Basin, utah

Senor Wilson said...

It's part of your setup for a pano stitch of Red Rock Conservation Area just outside of Las Vegas, NV.

Frank said...

Where: Glacier Park

What: Setting up for depth of field.(probably shallow one)

bruce said...

WHAT: Lining up the light to use a polarizer.

WHERE: Hard to tell but I will guess Sierras

Steve said...

Checking how long until sunset?

Rick Sammon said...

Hi All - Thanks for playing along.

We have a winner.. but I was looking for a more detailed answer.

What I am doing: With my hand held in that position, my thumb points toward the sun and my index finger points in the direction at which a polarizing filter is MOST effective.

So, I am illustrating the polarizing effectiveness effect - but a more detailed description helps newbies. Just saying this to encourage more detailed descriptions.

Speaking of a polarizing filter.... when you dial in the max effect, dial back the effect slightly - so you don't over-polarize the scene (dark area in the middle of an image).

Where: Kodachrome Basin. Steelphoto: send me your address and we'll get the software 2 U. Email me at

Thanks again to everyone for playing along.

steelephoto said...

I would have never known this except after 15 years of living in Utah, I decided to go down there for a quick trip.

Yes, It's sad that it took me so long to see such an important place to photograph.