Thursday, May 21, 2009

5.22 Friday Fun Photo

Hi All - TGIF

After teaching the benefits of using a reflector during one of my workshop (top photo), one of the participants came up with the idea for the bottom photo.

Here are two quick videos on how to use a reflector/diffuser kit. Just scroll down on that page and click the play arrows. One video for outdoors shooting, one for indoors.

Wanna jot down a quick caption for the bottom photo? All in fun! For ideas, see my Write a Caption post under Older Posts here.

Have a great weekend, pardner.

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Sean said...


"He was a great shooter, but a little out of his element on this one"

BobMac said...

The guy had halos on his HDR photos. Can't stand halos.

Rick Sammon said...
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Rick Sammon said...

Just checked in. Funny - and clever!

Actually gives me an idea for another book - write it with input from other people.

I never would have thought of the halos idea! Speaking of which, some nice HDR images from dedicated amateurs on

Cathy said...

Rick said "ten paces and turn around and shoot"

ivoryhut said...

"Sadly, as the Black Bandit yelled, 'Three!' Rick's narcolepsy suddenly reared its ugly head."

Rick Sammon said...

you guys are too funny!